LinkedIn has been accused of secretly reading Apple users' clipboard content.

Microsoft's LinkedIn has been sued by a New York-based iPhone user for allegedly reading and diverting sensitive content from Apple's Universal Clipboard application.

Universal Clipboard allows users to copy data on one Apple device and paste it onto another Apple device.

Adam Bauer, the man behind the lawsuit, says LinkedIn reads the Clipboard information without notifying the user.

Dozens of apps, including TikTok and LinkedIn, have been revealed to be reading users' Universal Clipboard content. People began to notice after Apple's latest privacy feature alerted users when the clipboard was accessed, with a banner saying; “pasted from Messages”.

“These ‘reads’ are interpreted by Apple's Universal Clipboard as a ‘paste’ command,” Mr Bauer's lawsuit alleges.

Developers and testers say LinkedIn's application on iPhones and iPads “secretly” reads users' clipboards “a lot”, according to the complaint.

LinkedIn says it has released a new version of its app to end the practice.