Australians are increasingly happier with their jobs, with job satisfaction increasing across the board according to’s Hidden Hunters Report.  


The report found that job satisfaction has increased across every aspect measured, returning to 2010 levels, with 310,000 people happier with their job than 12 months ago.


“Job satisfaction has returned to 2010 levels with increasing levels of satisfaction across every aspect measured. Workers are most satisfied with the team, the work itself, hours worked and flexibility with all experiencing significant increases over the past 12 months,” Chief Executive Michael Harvey said.


However, the buoyant employment report was offset by increasing pessimism about the country’s economy with 20 percent of people responding they felt ‘very concerned’ about the economy, up from 11 percent last year. 


“The report shows a significant jump in concern held about the economy. Interestingly, this is not driven by their personal financial circumstances with no change in those finding it ‘difficult’ or ‘very difficult’ from 2011 to 2012. Clearly, more macro concerns about the Australian economy and international events are worrying many job seekers this year,” Mr Harvey said.