South Australian magistrate Bob Harrap has resigned following corruption charges.

Magistrate Harrap was charged two counts of deception and one count of conspiracy to commit abuse of public office after an investigation by the state's Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC).

He was also charged with conspiracy to attempt to “obstruct or pervert the course of justice or due administration of the law”.

A South Australian police prosecutor and a criminal lawyer have been charged alongside Magistrate Harrap.

South Australia's Chief Magistrate, Mary-Louise Hribal, now says Magistrate Harrap has tendered his resignation as a magistrate in South Australia.

“Under the Magistrates Act, he is required to give the Attorney-General notice of one month and that means his resignation takes effect on August 10, 2020,” Judge Hribal said.

Anti-corruption commissioner Bruce Lander says it is alleged that on two occasions, Magistrate Harrap “misrepresented who was driving his government-issued vehicle at the time it was observed committing traffic offences”.

“It will also be separately alleged that … Magistrate Harrap conspired with another person to pervert the cause of justice and conspired to abuse his public office in relation to a matter that was to be heard by him and was heard by him,” the statement said.

“Senior Sergeant Abigail Foulkes and another person whose identity has been suppressed have each been charged with one count of deception.

“It will be alleged that both individuals, on separate occasions, in a joint enterprise with Magistrate Harrap, misrepresented who was driving Magistrate Harrap's government-issued vehicle at the time it was observed being used in the commission of traffic offences.

“A third person, Catherine Moyse who is a legal practitioner, has been jointly charged with Magistrate Harrap in a separate and unrelated matter.”

All four co-accused will return to court later this month.