The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) is working to simplify the architecture of government platforms, products, and services.

A DTA taskforce in charge of creating whole-of-government architecture says it now has a concepts model to demonstrate ways to reuse cross-government services and platforms.

It says it has a goal of taking government “from siloed capabilities to a landscape of connected platforms and services”.

The agency claims the new concepts model gives an “easy-to-understand structure to simplify the complexity of government”.

“It defines core architecture concepts and illustrates them with examples and clarifications, offering a new way of looking at government architecture. It emphasises improving service delivery for users and identifying common capabilities,” it said.

The model separates issues with a line of visibility, placing concepts above the line if they relate to the reasons people and organisations engage with government, and putting issues below the line if they relate to the means of government service delivery.

The central concept, government service sits on the line of visibility.

More information is available here.

Government agencies can request access to the private beta version of the architecture concepts model via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..