A motion has been moved in the Senate calling on all MPs not to attend the World Congress of Families.

The event - which has been hampered by refusal from ethically-minded conference locations - will see a parade of some of the most repressive views on family and sexual life in modern discourse.

While all groups have the right in Australia to as much bigotry as they can muster, it is the involvement of Australian politicians that has angered many.

The celebration of hateful and backward opinions will be launched by Federal Minister for Social Services, Kevin Andrews.

Mr Andrews was named 2014 “Natural Family Man of the Year” by the conservative WCF group.

A spokesperson for Mr Andrews had said he is only attending the conference because it “it is about families and therefore, relates to his portfolio”, and that his attendance did not necessarily indicate his endorsement.

It is unclear whether Mr Andrews endorsed any of the views at World Congress of Families events he attended in Sydney during May of 2013, Amsterdam in 2009, Geneva in 1999 or Prague in 1997.

Greens Senator Larissa Waters says the World Congress of Families, “is responsible for spreading homophobic and sexist prejudices around the world ... [and] is responsible for spreading harmful myths, including linking abortion with breast cancer”.

Andrews joins a prestigious list of previous Natural Family Men and Women of the Year.

His female counterpart for the 2014 prize was a Nigerian activist who claims LGBTI advocates conspire with the terrorist group Boko Haram, and generally support new African and Russian laws which violently criminalise homosexuality.

The 2013 Natural Family Man of the Year was Spanish anti-abortion activist Dr Ignacio Arsuaga.

The Natural Family Woman of the Year 2013 was Dr Janice Shaw, a conservative activist who says Christians should be fined or imprisoned for opposing same-sex marriage.

WCF managing director, Larry Jacobs, will also address the conference too. He made waves last year when he applauded Russia’s ban on “gay propaganda” as a “great idea” to “prevent [homosexuals] from corrupting children”.

The conference has reportedly been booked into an undisclosed location and will go ahead.

Also this week the Human Rights foundation released a report that shows the WCF group has been instrumental coordinating the exportation of anti-LGBT bigotry, ideology, and legislation worldwide.