South Australian unions are throwing their support behind a Greens' plan to make sure older workers over 65 are covered by workers' compensation.


SA Unions State Secretary, Janet Giles says that as the retirement age grows, there will be a group of people caught out in the gap between when they can claim WorkCover benefits for any injury and when they can officially retire.


"Under the existing rules, people can only claim WorkCover benefits up until the age of 65 but the pensionable age will rise to 67 in 2017."


Ms Giles says that while WorkCover does a major overhaul, it is important that this small change is passed to make sure older south Australians are protected.


"Our first preference is always that people are not injured in the first place, but we need to have decent support systems in place if they are."


"This is a sensible amendment and I urge all Members of Parliament to support it."


The amendment will change s.35 of the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986, so that there is a gradual increase in the relevant age to match the incremental increase in the qualifying age for the age pension."