The Senate Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Committees will undertake an inquiry into the Skills Australia Amendment (Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency) Bill 2012   which seeks to establish the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, an industry-led national workforce and productivity agency, to replace Skills Australia.


The Bill would amend the Skills Australia Act 2008 to:

  •   replace the existing Skills Australia body with the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency;
  •   allow the provision of advice on workforce development funding and Commonwealth industry skills;
  •   allow for a stronger research, analysis and advisory role for the workforce and productivity agency;
  •   expand the size of the body from seven to ten members, including and independent chair; and
  •   expand the membership criteria to reflect the transition to a union and industry-led body.


The new agency would become operational from 1 July 2012.


More information is here.