Sir David Attenborough has told economic leaders that the planet faces destruction without proper climate change responses.

The Federal Government is looking at mandatory income reporting for Uber drivers, Airbnb hosts and others in the gig economy.

The top 1 per cent of Australians are now wealthier than the bottom 70 per cent combined.

The WA Government claims mining company BHP has been underpaying iron ore royalties for years.

Animal rights advocates have created a website detailing the location and contact details of Australian farms.

CSIRO has released new high-tech tools for farm data and analytics.

A new plan seeks to stop disabled people being segregated from mainstream life by physical barriers.

Experts say the military can wage war on global health issues.

New research suggests the privatised electricity sector costs Australian households over $200 per year.

Electric and self-driving car-maker Tesla is cutting 7 per cent of its workforce.

The aged care royal commission has begun, and families of victims are being urged to bravely speak up.

New research has counted the cost of wealthy people funnelling money into trusts to avoid paying tax.

The construction industry watchdog has defended its $6,000 taxpayer-funded cupboard.

A new study has found the strongest opponents to GM food think they know the most, but tend to know the least.

Melbourne council is now 100 per cent powered by renewable energy.

Victoria Police faked hundreds of thousands of breath tests because of a “meaningless” target, a review finds.

The controversial $444 million grant to an obscure Great Barrier Reef charity did not comply ...

The big banks appear to be getting back into fossil fuels.

The suicides of several Australian Federal Police officers inside their own workplaces has prompted tighter gun rules.

Bupa has seen its ninth aged care home sanctioned in 12 months over ‘severe risk’ to residents.

Australian liquefied natural gas (LNG) export revenue has risen 67.8 per cent since 2017.

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