Four NT public servants are being paid up to $390,000 a year to help the gas industry.

South Australia’s State Budget will see the public sector take a hit.

Figures show the Coalition's efficiency dividend could cut $4.9 billion from the public service over the next decade.

An official audit has found the $5 billion Indigenous Advancement Strategy is not being properly evaluated.

An entire council has been sacked after a string of resignations, conflicts and dysfunctional relationships.

CSIRO has worked with over 20 organisations on a new landmark report projecting Australia’s future to 2060.

NBN scams this year have already cost Australians more than they did for the whole of last year.

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is divesting from coal.

The Federal Government wants to extend a controversial $423 million contract for security firm Paladin on Manus Island.

Perth City council is setting up facial recognition cameras despite privacy concerns.

The Productivity Commission says Australia should dump all its remaining tariffs.

The Federal Government will soon face a second legal challenge to its controversial welfare debt recovery scheme.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg says he will pay $US500 million to close coal-fired power plants across the US.

The Fair Work Ombudsmen (FWO) has found Uber drivers are not employees.

Google is looking to buy analytics software firm Looker for US$2.6 billion.

The Federal Government will soon attempt to pass its ‘big stick’ energy laws.

WA Police are turning to AI for digital evidence, hoping to massively reduce investigation times.

The ATO is involved in over 50 joint investigations into global tax crime alongside four of its international counterparts.

The Australian economy has slowed to the weakest level since the global financial crisis.

Human behaviour drives climate change, but researchers want to know the extent to which climate change can change behaviour.

Federal MPs have been granted a two per cent pay rise.

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