An Australian ship operator says he was told by Federal Government officials to sack his crew and replace them with foreign workers.

The Minerals Council of Australia has launched its ‘Little Black Rock’ []advertising campaign to plug the benefits of the coal industry.

The trade union corruption inquiry has heard secretly-recorded phone calls that allegedly reveal thuggery and workplace manipulation in action.

The head of Australia’s competition watchdog has backed big reforms from a recent review.

Today is Equal Pay Day - marking the 65 extra days from the start of the financial year on 1 July that women must work to earn the same as men.

Experts are exploring the long lasting value that accounting can bring to Indigenous communities.

A new survey suggests top bosses in the Australian Public Service think they are doing a great job, but many of their workers disagree.

The Abbott government is storming ahead with Australian Public Service reforms - bad news for slackers, absentees and unions.

Researchers want to know how effective our foreign aid spending actually is, amid big cuts and loud criticism.

The Federal Government and the states are paying close attention to a NSW plan that addresses big social problems through community programs.

A finance expert has shed light on the private world of executive recruitment and remuneration, and says managerial salaries are strongly impacted by job hopping.

A new Deakin University study seeks to answer the question; ‘How are women with no children faring in a society where being a mother, or not, continues to be used as a measure of a woman's worth?’

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