Impulsive gaffes, inappropriate comments and short fuses are common among the famous and powerful, and new research suggests it could have a biological basis.

Academics have used lessons from nature to predict the downfall of humanity.

A recent survey has found that one in 10 Australians display strong feelings of Islamophobia – negative and hostile attitudes towards Muslims.

New figures suggest a company can boost safety and profitability at the same time.

New Federal Government funding has been granted to a locally-designed high-tech anti-fatigue device.

Unions are keeping up their campaign to warn coal miners and their employers about ‘black lung’.

A study from South Australia has shown how important it is for senior citizens to be enfranchised by public transport.

The New South Wales Opposition and Greens say 2016 is the last year to “rescue TAFE”.

A comprehensive economic analysis has shown Australia stands to gain almost nothing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Centrelink has confirmed reports of harsh treatment being handed to former public servants.

Queensland's public service is nearly back to the size it was before the former LNP government’s heavy cuts.

Government workers are being subjected to a high level of cyber abuse, a new study suggests.

The union crew of stranded ship - the MV Portland - were pulled off the ship by security guards, ending a blockade in a lucrative berth at the port of Portland.

Supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles say they will remove products containing microbeads - tiny plastic particles that can cause some serious damage.

Research has again showed the big budgetary gains to be made by cutting high end concessions.

Tugboat engineers have launched strike action across the country over moves to change their employment awards.

Victoria Police say construction unions are using outlaw bikie gangs as “hired muscle”.

A new survey suggests just half of the Australians who take out private health insurance actually understand what their policy covers.

The Federal Court has dismissed SA Power Networks’ efforts to charge a tariff on homes with solar panels.

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