Women in Leadership: Say Goodbye to Self-Doubt and Overcome Confidence Killers


Monday 31 October 2022


Join Professor Maja at this online seminar and learn the truth about your confidence. Learn what it is and what it isn’t, the myths that surround it and the tools to increase it in your life. Together, we will build your self-confidence while learning to set meaningful goals.

This program has been thoughtfully designed to optimise your experience through a value-packed, highly engaging seminar, led by one of our highest-rated facilitators.

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What will you take away?

  • How to navigate and recognise external obstacles to your confidence
  • Why external factors such as bias, likeability and toxic work environments negatively impact women’s confidence
  • Strategies to address broader structural factors
  • How confidence myths influence our self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Develop confidence-setting goals and values
  • How self-compassion strategies can boost our confidence by helping us re-evaluate our inner critic and build our confidence through action

This masterclass is facilitated by:

Professor Maja, Sociologist, Author, TedX Speaker & Confidence-Builder

The world’s foremost expert and researcher on gendered confidence inhibitors

Professor Maja lives and breathes her work, and is certainly not (or no longer) suffering from imposter syndrome or a lack of confidence - you'll realise this the moment you meet her. Her goal is to give this same energy to women around the world.

Who should attend?

Aspiring, emerging and existing female leaders from all sectors. If you want to put self-doubt to bed, boost or transform your confidence at work or simply get greater self-awareness – this seminar is for you.

  • Manager through to senior leadership
  • Early career and emerging female leaders
  • Learning and development practitioners
  • Consultants, lifestyle & leadership coaches
  • Women returning to work from leave (maternity or other)
  • Women in a period of transition

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