First listed on: 19 March 2018

Senior People & Culture Business Partner

Who we're looking for - 'any Business Partner' simply won't do!

Broadly speaking, a strategic Senior People & Culture Business Partner who is:

  • up for a challenge and enjoys being in the throes of change
  • an effective influencer who thrives on building and maintaining strong stakeholder relationships
  • excited about executing a big people agenda amongst a diverse client group

Getting a little more specific:

  • Someone who wants to work hard while having fun - and importantly - is comfy in stirring the pot a bit while they're at it. There is nothing like a zesty new team member to ensure we are continuously shaking things up. A touch of nouse doesn't hurt either….just saying.While a background in generalist HR will place you in good stead, the real essence and opportunity for this role lies in implementing an organisational development remit i.e. culture, engagement, talent, performance, leadership and capability. Therefore, the ability to flex between playing with strategy and seamlessly drop into tactics is a skill-set held in high regard!
  • Someone who will bring an openness to learn and trial new things, comfortably challenge the status quo and back themselves.

The remit of this role and the funky folk you get to play with…

As part of the People & Culture team at PTV you'll be joining a dynamic and passionate group of people who are collaborative, excited to initiate change and make a difference at PTV. We are a small-ish team that can (and often does) make a big splash.  We also like to have fun! A lot of fun! 
As for the role - you'll jump straight into developing relationships with some of our most senior and influential leaders. In doing so, you'll establish trusting partnerships through offering valuable guidance, support and/or coaching. From here, PTV turns into somewhat of a playground whereby anything and everything is possible (while not necessarily easy).  
You'll also be the face and spokesperson of People & Culture, familiarising yourself with and marketing  many of P&C's offerings. These range from capability building events and culture change initiatives through to talent management and career pathways (just to name a few). 
We will notice your presence and absence in People & Culture because of your style and positive impact on the team. Speaking of which, we also have a clear expectation that you'll actively mentor and coach members of our team!

What does success look like:

In short, all kinds of awesome. We are gifted with the task of supporting PTV's staff to grow and develop in all kinds of interesting ways. For us, success is all about enabling PTV to establish and maintain a great culture with highly engaged people: attracting, developing and retaining the best talent. 

About you

Your experience: We're not rigid enough to dictate the number of years' experience candidates should bring to the role, make your own judgement-call on this one. We will however, put some other bits and pieces on the map:

  • Demonstrated successful partnering with an executive audience
  • Aligning People and Culture strategy and initiatives to business strategy
  • Ability think strategically and to execute tactically
  • Ability to be flexible and able to cope with change
  • Track record of taking the lead on highly visible P&C projects and initiatives
  • Superior communication, influencing, negotiation and relationship management skills
  • Boundless enthusiasm
  • A passion for developing and mentoring people

Full disclosure…'Stuff' you should know up-front.

  • We've become a little obsessed with culture-fit over the past year. Heads-up.
  • We're really good at what we do, though have a fair way to go before we can call ourselves best-in-class across the board. We're working on it and we'll get there over time!
  • Our processes aren't perfect either. We know it and are working on it. Though let's keep expectations in check, top notch process isn't yet a strength we can hang our hat on.
  • We operate in a reactive environment - it sort of has to be given that we manage public transport. While the pace and energy is fun, it can feel a little busy at times. Some ‘character building experiences' may indeed be in store...,though you can bank on it being for the right reasons
  • Because we operate in a pretty fluid kind of way - thinking and decisions can shift in short timeframes. This has some very clear advantages, though can take some getting used if you don't typically operate in this way.

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