The Federal Government is moving MDBA jobs to regional areas.

Geoscience Australia has released a new strategy to help Australian industries use satellite data.

Researchers are using Google Street View to track gentrification of cities.

The High Court has ruled on a native title case considered one of the biggest since Mabo.

The Reserve Bank says it will have to account for climate change when setting interest rates.

A new partnership has been formed to encourage more women to join the mining industry.

Visa rules are being relaxed so farmers can more easily hire skilled workers.

A massive investor group has warned that the Federal Government’s emissions policy is unlikely to be much help.

Australia is in a per capita recession, with negative growth on that basis for the past two quarters.

The Women in STEM Ambassador is calling for greater diversity in nominations for the PM's science award.

The ABC's former managing director, Michelle Guthrie, has secured an out-of-court settlement in return for ending legal action for wrongful dismissal.

Labor has officially questioned the ATO’s treatment of whistleblowers.

Lawyers want an extra $310 million a year to close “critical gaps” in the legal aid system.

Construction company John Holland and two contractors are facing federal work health and safety charges.

There could soon be a vote on the federal government's proposed “big stick” energy laws.

A parliamentary committee wants councils to help attract trade and investment to regional Australia.

Civil libertarians want to stop a bill that allows Victorian police to take DNA from suspects, including children, without a warrant.

There is more evidence that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination does not increase the risk for autism.

A free trade deal between Australia and Indonesia is being signed in Jakarta.

The Federal Government has begun its search for medical experts to work on Christmas Island.

Women could earn the same as men in most management roles within the next two decades, a new report shows.

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