The Australian Industry Group (AI Group) has urged the Federal Government to move cautiously as it establishes a Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate to take over the work of the now defunct Australian Building and Construction Commission.


"Now that Parliament, despite strong opposition from industry, has passed the Government\'s construction industry bill and road safety remuneration bill, the Government needs to address industry concerns in implementing the new legislation,\" Ai Group Chief Executive Heather Ridout said.


Ms Ridout has suggested that the Government reassure industry by ensuring that:


  • The existing Australian Building and Construction Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners and staff will transfer seamlessly to the new Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate; 
  • The existing level of ABCC funding will be maintained for the Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate; 
  • Industry will be consulted on the appointment of the Independent Assessor, who will have the power to switch off the Inspectorate\'s compulsory interrogation powers for particular projects; and 
  • Industry will be consulted on the appointment of members of the Fair Work Building Industry Inspectorate Advisory Board.


Ms Ridout also urged the Government to act prudently with the implementation of the Road Safety Remuneration Act by:


  • Consulting with representatives of the road transport industry and representatives of the industries which use road transport, on the appointment of Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal Members; 
  • Ensuring that Members of the new Tribunal have strong industry experience, not only in the road transport industry but in industries which use road transport.
"Ai Group opposed both of these Bills which addressed key claims of the construction unions and the Transport Workers Union. We maintain our concern about both pieces of legislation, but now that the legislation has been passed by Parliament it is essential that the Government work with the Australian Industry Group and other key representative bodies to ensure that the new arrangements are workable and not damaging to industry," Ms Ridout said.