ClubsNSW has launched a new campaign that will see high school bullies blacklisted by employers in the State’s Murray region.


The BULLYcheck, which initiative is expected to be rolled out state-wide next year, has received the support of local high schools and would see students guilty of “bullying, stalking cyber stalking or threatening” blacklisted.


ClubsNSW has deemed the following offences worthy of blacklisting a student:  

  • those which were committed with the intention of causing mental or physical harm to a student or teacher
  • those which cause a student/ teacher to self-harm
  • those involving pre-meditated and repeated cyber bullying
  • those involving threatening a student or teacher
  • those where police charges have been laid


ClubsNSW CEO Anthony Ball said he expects the program to be adopted by clubs across the state next year once the 12 month trial is completed.


“The message for high school students is simple. If you bully or threaten other students then you are risking your own career prospects,” Mr Ball said.