The Federal Government has announced it will provide $12 million over four years for the establishment of a new Centre for Workplace Leadership, which it says will encourage the flourishing of higher performing, innovative workplaces in the country.


Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten said the centre will be a flagship initiative of the Government’s focus on innovation and leadership in the economy.


The Government has outlined a five-point focus for the new centre


  • be the Australian expert on workplace management and leadership and improving the productivity of Australian workplaces through leadership;
  • deliver quality training for leaders and managers on effective leadership, workplace culture and people management practices and connect leaders to training and development from other providers;
  •  promote and disseminate practical, relevant research, including surveys, on workplace change and improvement;
  • lead the public debate on the importance of good leadership, workplace culture and people management and on the interdependencies between high performing and productive workplaces, effective management practices and quality jobs; and
  • drive a broader movement to ‘do things differently at work’ by recognising that productivity ‘happens’ at work and that leadership is a crucial mechanism to improve productivity.


“Working across all industries, sectors and regions of Australia, the Centre will improve the leadership capability in workplaces of all sizes, including businesses outside of our capital cities. There will be a significant focus on assisting small and medium enterprises,” Mr Shorten said.