Over a million Australian students, young jobseekers, carers and young people with a disability will see a small increase to their Centrelink payments from next year.

Discussions are planned which may yield a deal for the future of the town of Nhulunbuy, which will have its economy decimated when a nearby Rio Tinto refinery is closed.

Schemes encouraging regional social cohesion and providing indigenous legal aid have been cut to save funds, as the Federal Government grapples with a worsening budgetary situation.

East Timor will take allegations of Australian spying to the International Court of Justice, accusing espionage around the negotiations for a lucrative oil and gas treaty in 2004.

About forty young graduates had their public service careers ended before they could begin, but now may get another start.

There has been some executive musical chairs among prominent government-linked advisors this week.

The Federal Government has bumped forward a program in response to the high unemployment rate in Tasmania.

Queensland public servants are feeling the sting of a thousand cuts, with a recent survey finding more than a third believe their workplace is less efficient following the year of downsizing.

This week’s Federal Government Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) indicates changes on the way for several agricultural schemes and funds but not a lot of detail on what, if anything, will replace them.

An oil spill in the Newcastle Harbour has cost one company over a million dollars.

Many will be intimately aware of the compounding effect of a snorer sleeping on their back, but researchers in Adelaide are conducting trials of a new pillow that could silence the annoyance.

All but one of the medical professionals advising on the health and well-being of asylum seekers have been sacked, following a purge that could leave thousands at risk.

A well-timed report has made a few suggestions to minimise the damage from excess mirth and merry-making this Christmas, unfortunately they involve something other than the couch and leftover turkey.

Thousands of Queensland doctors have been angered by changes in their employment conditions, after doctors at public hospitals were moved to individual contracts rather than collective bargaining.

The tricky wording of one internet company’s advertisements has come back to bite them, and will take a bigger chunk than originally thought.

Court documents have shown the bank now embroiled in the largest class action in Australian history could have seen it coming.

A local report has accused Centrelink’s national boss of racking up excess costs, while the department sacks hundreds of workers.

Statistics show one bureaucratic base is a fair way from hitting its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment targets, and may be filling low-level jobs just to boost numbers.

University of Queensland researchers have stood in opposition to the reduction of services for pregnant women, supporting nurses in a rally at a Brisbane hospital.

David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Abraham Lincoln and Leonardo da Vinci would not have been any less talented if they had been born right-handed, according to new research from two Australian universities.

A new study has shown the compounding risks for young people in trouble with the law.

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