Rolling stoppages across University of Western Sydney campuses have started today, leaving potentially hundreds with no class to go to.

The Prime Minister may soon be the sole supporter of his promised paid parental leave scheme.

Several public sector unions have reduced their traditional payments to the Labor party, choosing instead to fund a campaign against job cuts.

The National Health and Medical Research Council says there is no evidence that wind farms cause adverse health effects in humans, re-iterating the findings of virtually all credible studies on the matter.

Australian politicians have broken new ground in the unpopularity stakes, with the nation electing its least favourite Prime Minister in decades.

A new study says that while Australian unions are not perfect, they still play an important role in enforcing minimum standards and certain regulations.

Australian rail company Aurizon is standing firm in the face of impending train driver strikes.

A new company will soon take over a large range of operations at Australia’s offshore detention centres, with the tragedy of recent violence still echoing around the country.

The Fair Work Building Commission (FWBC) has called dozens of Western Australian workers into court to face charges from protests over jobs in local mines.

A new round of Trans-Pacific Partnership talks have begun in Singapore, where trade ministers from twelve nations carve out the final parts of the far-reaching deal.

The Western Australian government has announced hundreds of jobs will be cut from two Perth hospitals in order to re-direct funds to other avenues.

If the call is made for confidential cabinet documents to be presented to the royal commission into the ‘pink batts’ scheme, Attorney-General George Brandis says the commissioner may keep their contents a secret.

Qantas is being hounded by rumours that it will announce massive job cuts this week, but the airline says it will keep cuts down to a thousand workers at most.

A new research centre will use high-tech tools to investigate the history of the country’s first residents.

Some staff at the University of Western Australia will take industrial action to escalate an ongoing pay dispute.

One regional council has written to the Immigration Minister requesting refugees be settled there, but says the offer was rejected.

Media stirrings indicate industrial relations changes are imminent, and that new legislation will be announced soon.

Corruption investigations have led to the director of the NSW government-owned State Water Corporation stepping down.

A partly union-owned health provider has been accused of forcing other medical services out of town, but says the claims are over-blown.

One major Australian city has heard another of its key employers will shut up shop.

The Queensland Attorney-General wants to impose new restrictions on workers’ union safety inspectors, requiring 24 hours notice before they enter a site.

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