The coal price is being blamed for a string of job cuts on local mine sites.

The chief of one of the world’s biggest mining firms says protectionist trade barriers set up to weather the storm of the GFC are no longer necessary.

It has been shown that wellbeing and happiness peak at the beginning and ends of our lives, and a new study is seeking to find out source of such good vibrations for students across the country.

The NSW corruption watchdog has recommended the sacking and prosecution of the State Emergency Service (SES) Commissioner, saying he sacked a deputy to silence dissent about a number of safety issues.

Rural doctors say the proposed Medicare co-payment will add an extra weight to their already over-burdened shoulders.

Four Australian Taxation Offices (ATOs) in Queensland will close, as the Federal Government winds down all regional tax centres.

Some workers in small, targeted Federal Government agencies say scrapping the programs will save a few dollars now, but cost much more later on.

When trying to change long-held ideas about the world, language is everything.

One tiny island nation in the Pacific is having its lack of clean water addressed by the life-saving work of an independent Australian aid group.

Millions of dollars has been moved from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to pay for the home insulation inquiry.

An inactive life may contribute more to the risk of heart disease than smoking, obesity and high blood pressure, research suggests.

Tugboat workers’ strikes have been called off, for now.

A grassroots group supporting Australian workers and industries has unveiled new products to keep energy costs down for small operations.

A rehab expert says the new ‘earn or learn’ welfare system will severely impact injured workers, and could create a new underclass of those caught in the gaps between policy directives.

The energy company embroiled in legal action from Blue Mountains residents knew for over a year about a risk from cables running through trees in a bushfire-prone area.

Coal giants say the Australian industry is being squeezed to its limit by high taxes and strong local dollar.

There is very little support around for Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s latest legal moves, which critics say are designed to spare his government the embarrassment hitting the LNP in New South Wales.

With no meaningful federal option, state governments are being urged to create better protections for whistleblowers.

Help has been announced for workplaces to accommodate their aging workforces, with the launch of a new site and guide.

Depression in mothers often hits hardest several years after giving birth, new research shows.

Grandparents are frequently roped-in to provide informal child care to their grandchildren, many say they are happy to do it, but research shows they get the short end of the stick.

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