Fair Work Building and Construction says a CFMEU official kicked workers out of a lunch shed and threw their food on the ground on a site in Queensland, because they were not union members.

Australian health experts have called on their colleagues to speak out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPPA), because of its major public health consequences.

A new study suggests monkeys have a very human desire to learn, especially if it proves them right.

The Prime Minister has dismissed a disturbing report on the state of hundreds of children in Australian detention centres.

While Tony Abbott has successfully fended off this week’s assault on his leadership, there is still some speculation about how things could have been.

Over 17,000 employees will be interviewed as part of a landmark review of sex discrimination, sexual harassment and predatory behaviour in Victoria Police.

There was just one source of proper inquiry at recent data retention hearings.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman wants Federal Agencies to be more open about their mistakes.

21,000 Australian Taxation Office workers may take industrial action following a pay deal described as “miserly, low and unfair”.

The CEO of Xerox says corporate gender quotas won’t work.

China has executed a mining billionaire for “organising and leading a mafia-style group”, murder and other crimes.

Hungry Jack’s has been fined $90,000 after an Adelaide employee fell into fry oil, and no one called an ambulance.

The Cancer Council says that despite great efforts to improve, the risk of carcinogen exposure still stalks Australian workplaces.

The Prime Minister says the Australian Submarine Corporation will have a shot at a $20 billion dollar submarine-building contract, but there are fears it may just be a rouse.

CFMEU officials will face court over allegations that they ordered work to stop on a Queensland construction site for six days, because the head contractor refused to remove a Safety Manager the CFMEU did not like.

Federal Trade Minister Andrew Robb says it could be a matter of days until a shadowy trade deal is signed, and everyday Australians lose some of their rights.

One expert says the World Health Organization (WHO) should accept responsibility for the ongoing spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa.

Japan is considering forcing workers to take five compulsory paid holidays per year, in a bid to lessen the toll from rampant overworking.

Key figures on Australia’s financial landscape met this week to work on solutions for the industry’s gender equality problem.

Insiders have spoken on what to expect within state and federal governments this year.

Three leaders of the public sector have been nominated as finalists in the 2015 Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards.

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