Dyson Heydon has ruled himself fit to continue running the royal commission into trade unions, sending the unions off to find new ways of avoiding the legal lens.

The chief executive of the controversial dating site Ashley Madison has stepped down.

The Federal Government is ramping up its rhetoric to ensure the China free trade agreement (FTA) goes ahead.

A high-tech study has revealed that the human brain really does learn from failure.

Despite being inundated with negative and abusive feedback, the Adelaide City Council will install a rainbow walk to celebrate the city’s gay and lesbian community.

Over 150 asylum seekers are challenging the legality of the Federal Government’s offshore processing policy.

Queensland's corruption watchdog has stood by a decision not to charge officers who allegedly bashed a man at a Gold Coast police station, but to punish the person who leaked the footage.

The Supreme Court of Victoria will not force the Melbourne City Council to crack down on a decades-old protest in which members of religious groups harass and intimidate women as they enter an abortion clinic.

Researchers are working on online tools to support parents during separation and divorce.

Eating organic foods may be good for personal gratification or Facebook posts, but new research suggests it may not be all the people think.

New Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data reveals women are dramatically underrepresented in leadership positions across business and public life, despite high levels of education.

Deakin University experts are developing a pocket-sized psychologist.

Western Australia’s peak business lobby has warned that a FIFO workers strike could damage future investment.

A new study says that 60 per cent of Australian students are studying for jobs that will not exists, or be very different, in 15 years’ time.

Reports say the ACTU is setting up a $30 million campaign to spread anti-Abbott messaging.

The most powerful woman in the Commonwealth bureaucracy says public servants “make up” red tape.

Age Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan says more flexible work arrangements could help retain older workers in the public service.

The Federal Government is continuing its push to change environmental approval laws so that activists and environmentalists cannot hinder mining projects.

Former Health Services Union (HSU) boss Kathy Jackson has been ordered to pay over $1.3 million in compensation misappropriating union funds.

A legal expert says pub and club lockout laws might not be the reason alcohol-fuelled violence is down in some cities, despite claims of their success.

The Federal Government will keep fighting to bring back the workplace cop - the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) - after failing to reintroduce it this week.

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