The Defence Force is spending over $5 million on studies of artificially intelligent weaponry.

Australian media stalwart Ita Buttrose has been appointed chair of the ABC.

Almost half of all school principals were threatened with violence in 2018.

Women could earn the same as men in most management roles within the next two decades, a new report shows.

An Australian Tax Office whistleblower facing 161 years in prison will not be covered by new protections.

Scott Morrison has written to the states and territories for support in establishing a disability sector royal commission.

Over 100 institutions have been implored to join the National Redress Scheme for victims of child sexual abuse.

The Morrison Government will claim existing credits towards its Paris climate target.

Over ten per cent of complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman are about managing telco debt.

Labor has pledged legal help for bank victims.

After almost 2 years behind bars, former NSW minister Ian Macdonald has been granted bail.

A NSW parliamentary committee says a secret port deal in NSW should be investigated further.

The Federal Government has been slammed for “stacking” the administrative appeals tribunal with political allies.

The Australian Council of Social Service wants a Royal Commission into abuse suffered by people with disabilities.

The Federal Government is trying to create a safety net on power prices to reduce costs for consumers.

Crossbench senators are being pushed defend protections for casual workers.

The Department of Defence has finally dumped Windows XP.

The RBA will not change monetary policy in the near term, despite banks expecting at least one interest rate cut this year.

The Speaker of the House has rejected an attempt to sanction Tim Wilson for his handling of the franking credit inquiry.

ASIC is looking at over 40 court cases — including criminal prosecutions — stemming from the banking royal commission.

A special data ethics committee has been set up to advise the Queensland local government sector.

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