Australia's peak legal body has criticised the Morrison government's attempt to improve press freedom.

Fast food outlet Subway has been fined for underpaying workers.

Authorities have scrambled to respond after Victorian hospital computer networks were hacked in a ransomware attack.

Centrelink says it will run about 500,000 robo-debt reviews each year, despite calls to scrap the program.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) says it is going over every tax return lodged, looking for incorrect and fraudulent claims.

Most people appear to believe that environmental sustainability will hamper quality of life.

Australia has slipped in an annual ranking of digital competitiveness.

The private operator of WA’s prisons could face a $100,000 fine after a violent serial offender escaped.

Hundreds of Australia’s biggest companies have been asked to join the Foreign Influence Transparency Register.

An increase in natural disasters caused by climate change will stretch the capability of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), according to Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell.

Experts say the revolving door between politics and big lobbies can be bad for our health.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has boldly avoided a global climate summit, spending time with the McDonald’s burger menu instead.

A new report has slammed company directors for insider trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Thirteen Australian institutions have been recognised this week for their efforts to improve gender equity and diversity.

Boeing Co will pay $US144,500 ($213,242) each to the families of 346 people killed in two 737 MAX crashes.

Victorian police are investigating alleged corruption in e-sports.

Barnaby Joyce is being hounded over alleged reports he produced during his role as special drought envoy.

The Federal Government has put up $34.9 million for a research centre focused on kids in the digital era.

A new report says the NDIS is not doing enough to support mentally ill Australians.

Millions of Australians’ sensitive medical images and data have been left open.

China is expanding its controversial Social Credit System to 33 million companies.

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