A Sydney council has notified ICAC about the leaking of sensitive information. 

Georges River Council has asked the state’s corruption watchdog to look into leaks to the media about millions of dollars in missing developer contributions.

The council has not asked ICAC to look into the actual missing millions.

Reports late last year revealed $4 million was missing from the coffers of Georges River Council. The money was meant to have been paid by developers for the community’s benefit. 

Auditors allegedly uncovered widespread undercharging of developer contributions, which are paid when a project is approved and used to fund essential community infrastructure.

More recently, Georges River general manager Gail Connolly was asked if the matter had been reported to ICAC. 

“The leaking of confidential information to The Sydney Morning Herald in its article of 21 December 2020 was referred to the ICAC,” she said.

The member of the public that alerted Georges River Council to the issue has this week told reporters: “So Council referred the leaking of confidential information to ICAC, but not the smelly matter of widespread undercharging of developer contributions by the former Kogarah council needs to explain why.”

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