A new study shows investing in adolescent health and education brings significant economic benefit.

The education sector has been hit by the visa reforms announced this week.

While US President Donald Trump has put the TPP off for now, Australia and other Pacific nations are close to securing a smaller trade deal.

A review has recommended Australian banks stop rewarding staff based on sales performance alone.

Federal public servants are on their second week of strikes.

The WA Police Union has called for a national inquiry into police suicide.

A review of Australian consumer law has called for tougher penalties.

The 457 category has been abolished and replaced with two new and more stringent visas.

Only five IT jobs have been cut in the Federal Government’s decision to scrap and replace the 457 Visa programme.

Australia’s unemployment rate has remained steady at 5.9 per cent, with the creation of 74,500 full time jobs.

The Small Business Ombudsman says too many big companies are leaving smaller firms in the lurch.

An army of Twitter users are pushing suspiciously similar messages in support of Adani’s Carmichael mine plans.

The Victorian Government will spend $70 million improving services for mentally ill people at risk of committing crimes.

The NSW Government has ditched the Safe Schools sexuality and gender diversity programme.

Another private training college has been deregistered.

A new start-up accelerator has started funding exciting renewable energy projects.

Australia’s metadata retention laws have come into effect, but officials claim they will not be as easily accessible as some suggest.

The Federal Government has failed to name the “community leaders” that it says are calling for the cashless welfare card.

Experts say installation of solar panels is at its highest level in almost five years.

An independent economist has warned against rumoured superannuation changes.

High levels of bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment have been revealed in Northern Territory emergency services.

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Rates of autism diagnosis have increased 20 fold over the last 30 years, and no, it’s not because of vaccines.

NASA has sent a robot into space that will hitchhike through the Solar System on the back of an asteroid.

I went to a science talk looking for controversy but all I found was science.

‘Ninety-seven per cent of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming’ – a statement about agreement that not everyone agrees on.

There is excitement in the world of astronomy, with suggestions our solar system could contain a never-before-seen planet.

Researchers say they have evidence that an object about ten times the mass of Earth has been hiding in the outer solar system.

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