The Fair Work Ombudsmen is investigating an unlawful unpaid work experience program.

Iceland has passed laws requiring businesses to prove they are paying men and women equally.

A US court case could open up access troves of private data, including that of Australians.

A former AEU official says bullying and harassment by the union have left him with severe mental injuries.

The Federal Government has launched formal action against Canada over wine imports.

A new report says public servants' wage rises will fail to keep pace with growing inflation.

A new report says perceived corruption in Australia’s public service may have wiped $72 billion from the national economy.

Universities Australia says around 10,000 university places will go unfunded this year due to budget cuts.

Economists say workers on EBAs should not expect to see big pay rises anytime soon.

Unions are preparing to collect the public’s stories of banking misconduct, fraud and criminal activity ...

SA’s corruption watchdog appears unlikely to support Nick Xenophon’s plan to pay whistleblowers.

The Victorian Government has launched the $17 million WorkSafe, WorkWell initiative.

Microsoft Australia has paid an extra $39 million in tax following an ATO audit.

Google says it has had to change its recruitment plans after the Federal Government's 457 visa changes.

Telstra has joined Launceston’s ‘smart city’ initiative.

A giant ‘bank for banks’ says low interest rates are creating ‘zombie firms’.

The CPSU says the Federal Government is trying to save money by dragging out pay negotiations.

A survey of the federal public sector has found 5 per cent have seen some kind of misconduct.

A federal work-for-the-dole scheme has issued over 350,000 fines to its participants in just two years.

The launch of the new Home Affairs agency has been far from a fresh start ...

The Federal Government has launched an online register of childcare centres that “rort the system”.

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