Almost two thirds of Victorian barristers report experiencing judicial bullying in the courtroom.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has delivered a formal apology on behalf of the nation for failing survivors of institutional child sex abuse.

Telstra has taken responsibility for an outage that saw over 1,400 calls to triple-zero going unanswered earlier this year.

Research suggests bosses with exorbitant pay packets are seen as less effective and influential leaders.

The Federal Government wants to be able to instruct Google to demote search results for pirate sites.

Cisco has contradicted Peter Dutton’s claims that the government’s decryption bill will not result in “back doors” in their products.

Unions have slammed the Federal Government's decision to join a casual workers court case.

Andrew Thorburn has admitted the banking royal commission exposed issues “confronting and upsetting” at the bank.

ASIC is reviewing school banking, following criticism of Commonwealth Bank's Dollarmites program.

Australia's unemployment rate is down to 5 per cent - its lowest level since April 2012.

Nurses have called off planned industrial action in South Australia.

Tasmania's Custodial Inspector has warned the state's prison system is underfunded and approaching crisis.

An inquiry has found “systemic failures” in Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC).

Australia's largest native title settlement has been officially accepted for registration in WA.

The Federal Government says it will increase funding to Headspace by about 50 per cent next financial year.

Crossbenchers are seeking to amend the government's Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement.

Fourteen Queensland Rail (QR) staff have been sacked after failing drug and alcohol tests at work.

A safety inquiry has exposed serious flaws in how the ACT Education Directorate handled incidents of violence against teachers.

India's highest court has upheld the legality of a controversial biometric identity database.

Apple says the Federal Government’s new decryption bill could create security weaknesses and force it to spy on users.

Wikileaks has published the locations of Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres.

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