Redundancies are being offered as SA Health begins a push to cut over 1,000 staff.

SA Health is offering staff — including doctors and nurses — voluntary redundancies at the Royal Adelaide, Queen Elizabeth and Women's and Children's Hospital.

The Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) blew its budget by more than $300 million last financial year, and has handed over financial control to administrators KordaMentha.

This year’s SA state budget revealed 1,100 jobs would be cut.

CALHN chief Lesley Dwyer says forced redundancies may be required if enough people do not choose to leave, but she has not given an exact figure on the cuts.

However, a recent staff survey reportedly found that about 4,000 of 12,000 SA Health staff would be willing to consider a redundancy.

“This is not targeting any particular group of staff whatsoever, and this is a non-binding expression of interest. Obviously, we have a healthcare system to run and we have to be able to provide the clinical care,” Ms Dwyer said.

“As I said, it is absolutely voluntary, non-binding, and an opportunity to start to think about what should our future workforce look like.”

The South Australian Salaried Medical Officers Association (SASMOA) slammed the decision, saying it would only increase already critical levels of ramping.

“This is a shocking decision that's been made by the Government and by the local health networks … and we can see no responsible reason as to why they are now doing this,” SASMOA’s Bernadette Mulholland told the ABC.

“What they're actually doing and saying is that we are now cutting it so thin, we don't care about the community of South Australia. We don't care about sick people within our state.

“It's about time that we stopped the cost cutting, we stop the magnificent changes that they say will breed efficiency. It's just not happening and it needs to stop.”