Many mobile phone customers tired of dealing with international delays and communication problems will be thrilled to learn one provider is taking on 150 new staff at its Australian call centre.

Vodaphone have announced they will double the numbers at their Hobart operation, creating 750 new jobs over the course of the year. The latest round of hiring has brought aboard 150 fresh call-centre operators.

With many telcos opting to out-source customer service roles, much to the ire of customers, Vodaphone says it will keep that arm of its business close to the people with problems.

In a statement this week Vodaphone Director of Sales and Service Craig Reines said: “Our customers tell us they are fed up with overseas call centres and want to speak to someone who understands their issue and can fix it, quickly. We are bucking the industry trend of offshoring customer-facing roles because that’s what our customers want... The Federal and State governments have been generous in supporting this commitment and the feedback we are getting from customers is extremely positive.”

Tasmanian Minister for Economic Development has used the expansion of Vodaphone services to promote his area, Mr David O’Byrne MP saying “Tasmania is increasingly becoming a destination of choice for contact centres with a highly skilled and loyal Tasmanian workforce. This is another example of Tasmania diversifying our economy to create sustainable jobs for the future for all Tasmanians.”