Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has been engaged in a light scuffle on his way into Victoria’s Parliament House.

A study has been published which tallies the positive and negative effects of working in an environmentally-conscious office, suggesting there are benefits both to people and the planet.

An Australian university has created an online tool to help young people suffering with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Most people have experienced anything from a longing gaze to a creepy stare, but now science has shown some of the specifics behind the ways we check each other out.

The chief of a bus company has been recognised for his efforts in keeping workers safe.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has taken steps in response to the horrendous working conditions of many factories in Bangladesh, following the recent deaths of over a thousand workers.

The New South Wales Transport Workers Union has come to the defence of a heavy vehicle operator allegedly in the firing line of one of the worst bosses in the industry.

Some South Australian energy companies could have done a better job in their changes to billing systems, with the shifts blamed for a massive increase in complaints this year.

It appears the pill that sparked the sexual revolution may have done its dash, with Australian family planning clinics pushing for a move to longer-term contraceptives.

It seems phone providers have stepped-up their game, or customers have relaxed a bit, with figures showing the number of phone industry complaints dropping by around a quarter in some states.

The Australian Government needs an entirely new approach to job training and education for its Indigenous residents, according to philanthropist and businessperson Andrew Forrest.

Research has shown part of the reason many cannot get on board with the need to fight climate change, suggesting the impacts could be too far off to think about.

The racist attitudes of many Australians has always been contrary to the country’s clear history of multi-cultural populations and influences, and the Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner says it is time to rid ourselves of the hangover from a hugely biased past.

There are plenty of workplace issues that can cross legal boundaries, and in the United States the theft of a delicious gelatine-based treat is now one of them.

If you are an executive looking to embezzle, commit tax fraud or any other white-collar crimes, but are afraid of what might happen in prison – don’t worry, it is not as bad as you think.

Recent findings have added to a growing tide of information showing the contribution of women throughout human history, by showing that some of the first artists were female.

The Australian Indigenous Education Fund (AIEF) will receive a $10 million donation from mining giant BHP Billiton, which has given millions before and intends to continue doing so.

Reports have emerged praising the streamlining and cost-cutting possibilities of cloud computing facilities for government sectors, with results in Britain showing the public sector can reach efficiency goals through better software.

Over one thousand voluntary redundancies will be made as the Western Australian government rolls ahead on its cost-cutting public sector contraction

The former boss of the Health Services Union has pleaded guilty to dozens of crimes relating to dodgy dealings spanning years.

A professor from Flinders University has written about Australia’s strong history of multiculturalism, saying that it is part of the national tradition and should be treated as such.

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