A new report has found just how overworked Australians are, and what a threat it can be to mental and physical health and safety.

A hopeful contender for the leadership of the Labor party says he will work from the Opposition to create a nation-wide rehabilitation program for workers.

Legislation which allows faith-based schools in Tasmania to refuse enrolment for students of opposing faiths has been tightened.

Allegations of bullying and misuse of funds have led to the sacking of the Wangaratta Council, with a bill to dismiss the entire pack passed this week.

Workers in the public sector can expect harsh consequences if they choose to air work grievances on social networks, according to a senior official.

Singapore has tightened its rules on the hiring of foreign workers following protests over the large number of outsiders in the increasingly affluent city-state.

A World Bank report on gender equality in business has found a sorry state for women in many countries, with several nations upholding laws that give husbands the power to prevent their wives from working.

Australia appears to be stuck-in to construction and renovation, with employment rates in the building industry at a record high.

The fatigue fight between the Health Services Union and the NSW Ambulance Service continues, with the next round of negotiations over shifts and rosters about to begin.

A recent survey has shown a downturn in the amount of people working in the mining industry’s exploration sector, but seemingly no shortage of exploration going on.

There is a push on in Queensland to patch up compensation laws which some say are unnecessarily skewed.

A group of LinkedIn users are suing the service for allegedly hacking emails to find contacts to spam with unwarranted emails.

Workers from a liquid gas project in Western Australia have been fined after their industrial action was found to be unlawful.

Foreign workers will be slugged thousands of dollars for public education in Western Australia, for services that are free to everyone else.

Tony Abbott has placed himself in charge of women’s issues in Australia, nominating one of the handful of women in his cabinet as ‘Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women.’

Disruptive business practices are reportedly shaking up the lawyer’s profession; recent figures show pay rates are dropping, staff are switching all over the place and overall revenues for some top firms have dropped.

New statistics from the ABS suggest that Australia’s ageing population will become a big factor in future approaches to work.

An award has been created to recognise Australia’s most conscientious business - in an effort to make the country a better place for everyone.

Many people may feel that their imagination has diminished since they left the schoolyard and entered the workplace, but new research has found the imagination is still there – manipulating thoughts and memories within its own ‘mental workspace’.

One company has made an interesting move to combat inter-office jealousy over rumoured pay rates; telling everyone in the company exactly what everyone else earns.

One of the founders of the R U OK? Day workplace campaign says stress has not left the workplace, rearing its head again as a major factor in staff turnover and dissatisfaction.

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