Astonishing reports today say the political media advisor to Clive Palmer has been arrested over the kidnapping of an NAB executive.

New studies suggest personality is more important than intelligence when it comes to success in education.

The Australian Government is lending its expertise to help improve Papua New Guinea’s public service.

Former NSW Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid and his disgraced ally Ian Macdonald are back in court today, as the trials of some of the shadiest men in politics continue.

Daily consumption of fruit may play a role in maintaining mental health, a study from the University of Queensland says.

A Tasmanian Government pay deal could see nurses and firefighters get a 2 per cent pay rise before Christmas, but police officers will have to go without.

Up to 43 per cent of workers aged 18-24 admitted to faking a sick day in the past 12 months, according to an online poll of 1,035 Australian workers.

Coles will pay $10 million in penalties for the 15 instances of unconscionable conduct against eight suppliers it has been willing to admit.

The Transport Workers’ Union is taking a strong stance on violence against women, saying it should be sought out and condemned in all forms.

Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews says Australian Government-contracted doctors will assess new claims for the Disability Support Pension from next year, in a move he says will bring “consistency and equity across the country”.

New research shows many who claim they are “good” at maths actually aren’t, demonstrating once again the incredible power of self-delusion.

Academics have expressed their views on the final report of the Financial System Inquiry, handed down last weekend.

Everyone needs some time to unwind, but very few would fill their holiday hours with complex Excel-based challenges.

Norwegian researchers have discovered new information that shows Viking settlements may have been much more progressive than many believe.

Australia has moved out of the top ten least corrupt nations in a global ranking, and one legal expert says a federal-level commission is needed to clean out the local parties.

Department of Human Services industrial action starts today, with staff flouting uniform policies, read prepared messages on the phone and taking other measures to voice their disgruntlement.

The Queensland Police Service is feeling some heat from its links with oil and gas giant Santos.

Victorian public servants are not wary enough to detect or prevent corruption, new research says.

Floods and fires will leave Australia with a mind-boggling damage bill in coming years, the CSIRO says.

It is annoying when a random piece of information seems to push an important one out of our memory – but researchers say there is so much space that this is almost impossible.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) says that cheap genetic tests ordered online are like everything else purchased that way – sub-standard, unhelpful and likely misleading.

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