Women in Leadership: Forget the Apologies and Learn to Lead with Confidence


Friday 29th October 2021

Women have a lower threshold of what they consider to be apology worthy. However, with every unnecessary apology you give, you chip away at your confidence. Thankfully, sociologist, author and TEDx speaker, Professor Maja is on a mission to turn the apologetic communication styles of women into confidence building lingo.

Maja draws on years’ worth of data collected with thousands of women around the world to inform her research and build her concepts and strategies. This seminar will help you to forget the apologies, claim your credibility, and learn to lead with confidence.

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The first half of this seminar will focus on communication blunders, you will learn:

  • Why apologies hurt your confidence and how to stop needlessly apologising
  • How to strengthen your communication skills by avoiding minimising and disqualifying lingo
  • How to switch out common communication pitfalls for more confident lingo

The second half of this workshop will focus on the imposter syndrome, you will learn:

  • What imposter syndrome is and the main fears behind it
  • How to contextualise imposter syndrome feelings, instead of personalising them
  • How to identify imposter syndrome and how it shows up in your life
  • The poor coping strategies most people employ that lead us to play it safe
  • How to deal with failures so you don’t internalise them

Who should attend?

Aspiring, emerging and existing female leaders from all sectors. Anyone who could do with a confidence boost or build their communication skills needs to attend this seminar.

  • Manager through to senior leadership
  • Early career and emerging female leaders
  • Learning and development practitioners
  • Consultants and leadership coaches
  • Women returning to work from leave

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