Western Australia may be feeling the effects of a shrivelling resources market with job ads in the state declining for the fourth consecutive month.

The gap in gender equality occasionally works both ways, with men who choose the family life reporting they are treated differently at work.

A major Australian advertising firm has questioned the overly-studious approach of many young people.

A home appliance and technology store has been charged for flouting an Industrial Relations refusal and opening its doors on Boxing Day 2012.

An automotive manufacture workers’ union says a raft of job losses in the car industry could trigger a domino effect around the country.

Marketers thinking of relocating or returning to Australia from overseas may face a struggle, with reports saying 60 per cent of agencies do not plan to hire 457 visa staff this coming year.

Telstra is shipping 170 domestic jobs to India in an attempt to cut costs here and grow its business overseas.

Budget cuts have taken a bite out of one of Australia’s top research bodies.

Retail workers’ unions are pushing for a pay rise for young workers, with an effort to bring adult pay rates to 18-year-olds.

Workers only have until midnight tonight to nominate for the Australian Human Resources Awards, rewarding outstanding efforts in a range of categories.

An Industrial Relations inquiry has been called in NSW after revelations of a troubling irony; WorkCover NSW may be rife with workplace bullying.

The Federal Government has announced a $1.6 million grant for innovative projects to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The New South Wales Minerals Council has warned of massive possible job losses, if the state's mining industry continues to accept approval delays of twelve months or more.

A Fair Work Pay Equity Unit has been formed to address the pay gap between men and women, with men being paid around 17.6 per cent more for the last twenty years.

A new survey has revealed restlessness in Australia’s young work force, with more Gen Y’s taking flight for jobs overseas.

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