The Financial Sector Union has warned more jobs might face the guillotine as the National Australia Bank scrambles to improve its figures.

A scientist, engineer and data analyst says more major companies are looking to data-driven solutions to HR problems.

An announcement by the Fair Work Commission has been roundly welcomed by apprentices and other trainees.

A new study from Massachusetts’ National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has confirmed something many already knew - women are more inclined to work co-operatively than men.

One of Australia’s top business schools has plotted the characteristic similarities between entrepreneurs and psychopaths.

An industrial battle with parallels to action in the 1990s is on the horizon in Queensland.

A report has found business need to rethink their approach to presentations when communicating with global markets.

The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance has launched a short online survey to assess the general level of mental health awareness in Australian business policies, initiative and strategies.

A new program being piloted in Adelaide shows just how far cancer treatment has come, with more attention being given to helping survivors get back to their old lives.

A major car-maker has blamed proposed changes to the Fringe Benefits Tax for a drop in orders over the last fortnight.

Large companies taking part in environmental boot-camps have reported a link between ecological consciousness and work productivity.

New South Wales Fair Work officials hope a recent ruling will dissuade companies hiring workers on sham contracts.

An Australian government fund-management agency has announced a much-needed overhaul of its HR system, moving from paper forms and manual filing to digital technologies.

A proposition has been floated that would see a cooling-off period introduced for the reporting of workplace bullying.

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has launched a new campaign for ‘Aussie Work, Aussie Rights’, aiming to end the exploitation of foreign workers in Australia.

Victorian paramedics are aiming for voluntary conciliation talks with the Fair Work Commission in the effort to end a long-running stoush over work conditions.

California is the first US state to enshrine in law the rights of transgender students.

A new study from the University of Melbourne aims to make one of the world’s most liveable cities even more liveable.

A top-level business consultant and author says that management skills need to be updated in order to compete on the changing global stage.

An organisation which tries to make workplaces better for employees says bosses should think about turning work into a game.

A marketing stunt has turned into an HR nightmare with over twenty people injured at the launch of a mobile phone.

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