Research says property is now the largest contributor to the Australian economy, eclipsing both the mining and financial services sectors.

A parliamentary committee has recommended that government agencies should be able force internet service providers (ISPs) to block websites, but has warned that they must know what they are doing first.

The children of Australia’s richest person have wrestled control over their multibillion-dollar family trust.

More authorities have joined the push to boost STEM education in Australia, while the Prime Minister mocks the idea.

Experts are investigating the social effect of the disturbing rate of incarceration among Indigenous Australians.

A federal public servant will receive compensation after proving the her office was too loud.

The Community and Public Sector Union says its next round of industrial action will be noticed, after initial low-level actions left public service minister Eric Abetz completely unfazed.

The ACTU wants domestic violence victims to be allowed an extra 10 days of annual leave to help them break free of their abusers.

Senior church leaders have called on the Federal Government to make stronger climate change resolutions, saying the risks outweigh religious difference.

Former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has admitted the Queensland Government bought the wrong system to run its $1.2 billion health payroll, leading to a long-running and expensive debacle.

The WA Opposition has accused the government of putting a campaign logo on normal capital works, in order to look like it has achieved something.

The ACTU wants to make a temporary LNP-fighting fund into a permanent fee for members.

The reputation of international banking has taken another wallop, with fines imposed on major banks for rigging foreign exchange markets.

About 800 applicants will be up for just 20 graduate jobs at the Department of Finance, while the agency tries to shake off its cold and uncaring image.

The Fair Work Commission will be forced to make a ruling on its own conduct, a new twist in the industrial action from the federal public service.

The Federal Government has been criticised and questioned after it paid for the same anti-ice advertisement to be made twice, 8 years apart.

Finance firms have dominated a new list of Australia’s top companies for supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people at work.

A major chicken company has been fined $80,000 for spilling 1,700 litres of blood into a creek near Newcastle.

The world’s largest private coal company has been accused of promoting itself in Ebola-ravaged Africa, claiming that fossil fuel is a solution to global poverty.

Oil giant Chevron has been accused of running an aggressive tax avoidance scheme, depriving local coffers of millions of dollars.

The Federal Government has quietly expanded the already significant amount of agencies that are allowed unwarranted access to the private data of all Australians.

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