The high cost of child care is keeping tens of thousands of Australian parents from working, even though they want to.

With unemployment at worrisome highs and changes on the way to make welfare stricter for jobseekers, one expert is trying to help all those hunting work.

An unprecedented probe into the Queensland Government has been launched, and there is very little that it will not investigate about the current LNP regime.

Reports say safety is about the only reason Australian employers feel the need to ban the burqa.

Workers at ports in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane could walk off the job this week, at the same time as reports say their union is willing to sell them out.

A parliamentary review overseen by an LNP member has found that a budget measure forcing young jobseekers to wait months for benefits could put them at serious risk.

The Federal Government is rumoured to be preparing an assault on the public service's “compo culture”.

A touching Australian charity effort has extended the life of one young Timorese boy.

A big campaign has been launched this week to push for an Australian domestic gas reservation policy.

Activists claim to have shut down production at a number of mines in New South Wales, after community groups made a concerted effort to impede Whitehaven Coal.

New investigations have shown just how much money Australia’s biggest companies are avoiding paying in tax.

A new scheme has been launched with the aim of boosting professional development in the day care sector.

A new study shows that twenty-five per cent of first home buyers saved for more than five years before buying their property.

Proposed new laws are aimed at getting more job-seekers to turn up to their appointments with providers.

Experts have analysed just how much freedom Australian citizens have given up to fight the abstract enemy of terrorism.

There are signs of change on proposals which have caused indignation across Tasmania.

Insiders say pregnancy discrimination is widespread in Australian workplaces, and cases of women being marginalised for becoming mothers are on the rise.

Three Queensland researchers have had their work on cutting corruption featured in one of the most authoritative publications in the world.

A speech this week explored the idea that the Northern Territory’s rising prison population has been helping keep the economy in check.

Farmers, industry groups and the Federal Government are all calling for reform of coastal shipping regulations, but the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) says it won’t happen without a fight.

More than forty companies that support the building, mining and energy industries say Federal Government moves could put thousands of jobs at risk.

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