There has been some concern over the speed with which the Federal Government is changing disability support, with some advocates saying it is storming ahead with almost no consultation.

Facebook is being criticised for a mass emotional manipulation experiment conducted on unwitting users.

More than a third of all workers at Australian construction sites believe their workplace is not mentally safe.

The rules on payday loan are being tightened, because the Federal Government says providers are going over the cap on costs.

The Federal Government has introduced legislation making it easier to send asylum seekers back to their home countries, while increasing the requirements for them to prove their claims.

Staff rallies will continue as CSIRO fights to preserve its ranks.

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) has warned of some nasty intentions in new employment agreement talks with the Federal Government.

An extra nine minutes of work per day could be the final straw for embattled staff at the Australian Tax Office.

An online tool could spell an end to workplace disputes, disagreements, fights and furphies.

A string of employers have backed Victorian Government moves to introduce random drug tests on all government consultation sites.

The Indian Health Ministry will provide 50 essential generic medicines, free of cost, from “birth to death” to all Indians, following an incredible social healthcare announcement.

The Singleton Chamber of Commerce says it has become a victim of the diminished global coal price, with low demand hitting businesses hard in rural New South Wales.

The Federal Government will bring a bill to parliament in coming weeks which seeks to give ASIO more abilities to monitor and control digital communication.

The Finance Minister says changes to legislation will mean advisers will be able to receive “incentive payments”, not commission.

A confidential Trade in Services Agreement document has been published by WikiLeaks, showing that Australia, the United States, the European Union and 20 other large and small countries have been discussing unprecedented mutual access to each other’s financial service sectors.

Australian scientists will look inside the brain for physical evidence of gambling addiction, with the launch of an important research project.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) lives on for now, and the Prime Minister has been handed his first option for a double dissolution.

The Australian Drug Foundation says one in five workers admit attending their job while under the influence of alcohol.

Legal changes in Queensland mean employers can request information about pre-existing injuries or medical conditions from potential workers.

Researchers are narrowing down the list of candidates for a banana to save lives.

A Chinese court has ruled in favour of workers who were fired for going on strike, and incredible move for the nation’s labour laws.

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