Science has added some data to the observable trend that coolness in high school does not last.

Australia's overall jobless rate has stabilised but worrying trends are emerging in youth employment.

Payday lenders clearly target cash-strapped residents in poorer suburbs, a new study has shown.

Teachers are considering industrial action on Papua New Guinea, with reports that their wages have been woefully underpaid.

One expert has slammed the New South Wales Government’s plan for a partial sale of the electricity network.

The Australian Government has launched it largest ever mental health check for the Defence Force, with a $5 million scheme covering several years.

The Treasurer has mounted an impassioned defence of the Federal Budget, in an address to business associates at the Sydney Institute.

Several issues have combined to reduce the level of corporate social responsibility in Australia, a study says.

A new study is aimed at influencing the ways that maternity services can support Aboriginal women during pregnancy and birthing.

One US company wants to create a world of ‘start-up’ governments, which hold sovereignty in floating cities on the ocean.

The brother of Australia's Customs and border protection chief Michael Pezzullo will be sentenced on corruption charges today, over allegations he sold prescription drugs within his brother’s department.

BHP Billiton says it will hitch its wagon to China’s rising economic star, as the nation moves from a construction-led economy to a consumption power-house.

A building in Norway has become the world's first to be renovated to produce more energy than it consumes.

New research shows that rats feel regret, a cognitive behaviour once thought to be uniquely human.

The Victorian building watchdog will crack down on union delegates' entries to work sites.

Melbourne University says it must cut 540 jobs to stay competitive, but unions warn the move will do the opposite.

Consumer group Choice says high home insurance premiums are on the horizon, as climate change brings a storm of new damages.

Future teachers in New South Wales will have to pass a literacy and numeracy test before they head back into the classroom.

Eddie Obeid is maintaining his innocence even after the ICAC ruled his behaviour as corrupt.

Union membership is at a low point across the country, but the reason for the drop depends on who is asked.

Public servants have launched a legal challenge over changes to redundancy conditions, which could see some ousted sooner than expected.

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