Self-identity supported by positive role models can be a major boost for neglected Australians.

While the term “work/life balance" is truly ubiquitous, a number of big names say that the “life” part deserves renewed focus.

Australian researchers say people should be more aware of epigenetics, and the various ways that a parent’s experiences can filter down to their child.

Queensland’s wide range of wild weather is proving frustrating state-wide, with large parts suffering under drought conditions while others work to recover from floods.

A man some considered one of the dodgiest politicians in New South Wales has resigned.

Internet activists have fought back against an online gender imbalance.

It has been a big weekend for electronic espionage and diplomatic hacktivism, with world leaders bugged, mocked, cracked and embarrassed as a result.

Northern Territory teachers will strike next week as their stoush drags into its second year.

A lively classroom debate has spawned a teen feminist movement aimed at shaking up the curriculum.

News Corp media outlets are accusing public servants of “double-dipping” into maternity leave.

The Fair Work Ombudsman is investigating the laws around unpaid internships, amid claims that some interns experience abuse and exploitation just to get their foot in the door.

A strike that could hold up millions in resource export has been delayed, because the organisers accidentally scheduled it at the wrong time.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) says one company is trying to bring in dozens of foreign workers to avoid hiring Australians for a massive gas project in Western Australia.

Unions support the scrapping of medical review panels for injured South Australian workers, as part of a WorkCover overhaul.

The NHMRC will fund five teams looking at different elements of dementia.

The Greens are seeking to remove a politician who admitted receiving payment from banned property developers.

UPDATE 12/08: The Fair Work Commission has released an interim decision ordering the CFMEU to stop strike action at Curtis Island.

An unexpected jump in the unemployment rate has brought a particularly hard hit to youth joblessness.

Senator Nova Peris says all Australians need to push for constitutional recognition of Aboriginal people.

Some may be wondering what happened to a budding movement from a few months ago, when it appeared there would be a push to set up a federal corruption watchdog.

An ombudsmen’s report has detailed the dodgy practices at a state government water authority.

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